Mobile Beat Las Vegas 2016 Show_Reverse

Mobile Beat: The DJ Magazine recently held their 20th anniversary Mobile Beat Las Vegas DJ Show and Conference in Las Vegas. To celebrate this historic event, North Shore SpecialTees has obtained the exclusive post-show license to offer the show logo on a line of colorful shirts and hoodies. This reversed design is a NSS EXCLUSIVE—very unique as it was not available at the event! This is a limited time offer!


We created this shirt especially to commemorate the 2016 Mobile Beat show in Las Vegas. Mobile Beat has been the #1 publication for mobile DJs for over 25 years, and this year marked the 2oth year for the brand’s trade show at the Tropicana.This particular design was not available at the show. It is a North Shore original design created in cooperation with Mobile Beat. Order one now as this will be discontinued soon. CLICK “BUY IT NOW” BUTTON FOR COLORS, STYLES, AND SIZES


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